BE-4 Program interns.

Become Part of History by Helping Us Build the Future

Working at Blue Origin

At Blue Origin, our genuine passion for space exploration is evident through the work we do. We’re looking for people who share that passion and want to turn their career into a calling. We're shaping our future in space and we’re looking for dedicated and inspired people to join us.

If you share our dedication to thoughtful development and meticulous testing, there may be a fit for you at one of our locations across the country. Our engineering, manufacturing and business teams challenge the impossible every day in our 260,000-square-foot facility on 26 acres in Kent, Washington – just 20 minutes south of Seattle. We test the country’s next-generation engines and launch New Shepard at our facility in West Texas at the world’s only privately owned and operated launch site. Our orbital launch vehicle, New Glenn, will come to life at the active rocket factory at Cape Canaveral, Florida, where we’re one of the only launch companies building right on the space coast.

Blue Origin locations map.
Our Locations

Career Opportunities Across the USA

Seattle, WA

Blue Origin's company headquarters, located just 20 minutes south of Seattle. Our south Seattle facility, based in Kent, is the hub of our operations, where we design and build New Shepard and our engines.

West Texas

Located 2 hours east of El Paso, Van Horn is home to our New Shepard test program and operations, as well as our engine development testing for our BE-3 and BE-4 engines.

Space Coast, FL

Home to our New Glenn manufacturing, orbital launch and support facilities. Located in Exploration Park near the Kennedy Space Center.

Washington, DC

Our East Coast business office supporting government relations, sales and business development efforts.

Huntsville, AL

Our world-class engine manufacturing facility in The Rocket City will conduct high rate production of the BE-4 and BE-3U engines. These engines will undergo testing at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center on the historic Test Stand 4670. BE-7, our lunar landing engine, is also currently in test at NASA Marshall.

Los Angeles, CA

Our new Los Angeles office supporting rocket propulsion design and engineering.

Phoenix, AZ

Our Phoenix office focuses on avionics, systems engineering and integrated supply chain and is centrally located in downtown Phoenix.

Denver, CO

Our South Denver office will support functions across Blue with a focus on program management, systems engineering, avionics, software, integration, and mission design in support of our launch vehicle and space systems programs.

Reston, VA

Our Reston, Virginia office, located in the Dulles Technology Corridor, will be our newest engineering Center of Excellence, supporting our Advanced Development Program, New Glenn launch system, new space infrastructure product development, and the company’s Enterprise Technology team.

" Blue will empower you to take the safety discipline personally. In this environment, we’re doing safety right because we choose to. "

Andrew Safety & Mission Assurance 4 Years

" At Blue, my team is fearless in exploring new ways to accomplish things. I am empowered to propose ideas and processes which improve how we design, build and test. "

Carla Systems Engineer 2 Years

" Blue gives me a refreshing freedom to impact not just one part, but the entire big picture of the systems I work on. "

Chris Engineer 1 Year

" It is not hard to wake up every day when your mission is enabling a permanent human presence in space. "

Dan Sr. Integration Engineer 5 Years

" I used to pore over star charts. Now I get to watch my ideas go from the whiteboard, to real functioning rocket parts, then all the way to space. "

Henna Avionics Engineer 2 Years

" I was one of those kids that watched the space race almost from the start. For as long as I can remember, this is what I wanted to do. "

Tony Avionics Engineer 9 Years

" I came to Blue as an intern because I wanted to build a career centered around human spaceflight. That 10-week internship changed my life. "

Kristina Aerospace Engineer 6 Years

" The hard work preparing for flight is always worth it when you see customers getting their hardware back after its trip to space. "

Gabe Avionics Engineer 3 Years

" I got to install the largest-ever windows in a space vehicle, test them, and watch them perform with flying colors. "

Donnis Technical Training Specialist 3 Years

" I believe it is critical to humankind’s identity to go to space. It’s part of our identity as explorers. At Blue, we share a common vision to make this a reality. "

Kara New Graduate 8 Months
BE-4 Program interns.


Our internship program gives students the opportunity to work on real engineering projects related to the development, construction, testing and operation of human spaceflight systems. Interns work directly with our engineers to contribute to project goals in the fields of mechanical design, fluids, aerodynamics, rocket propulsion, flight controls, electronics, avionics, enterprise software, flight software, composites, chemistry, human safety and systems engineering. We also offer opportunities in business development, supply chain and accounting.

Internship Sessions


January - April

Application opens June 1st


May - August

Application opens September 1st


September - December

Application opens February 1st

New Graduate Engineers

We have many opportunities available to new graduates that strive to unlock the potential of every recently graduated engineer who starts at Blue Origin. Our New Graduate Rotation Program enables exceptional new graduate engineers to spend their first year at Blue rotating through three engineering teams and projects related to their skillset and interests. At the end of the year, Rotation Program engineers will transfer to a longer-term role with one of our engineering teams. Additionally, job listings designated as Early Career are also geared toward new graduates. Applicants are encouraged to apply to no more than three Early Career roles, including the Rotation Program, as they will be evaluated for that opportunity before being considered for other open positions.

BE-3 Program interns.
Career Opportunities

Build The Future With Blue

Blue Origin believes in a future where millions of people are living and working in space. In order to preserve Earth, our home, for our grandchildren’s grandchildren, we must go to space to tap its unlimited resources and energy. If we can lower the cost of access to space with reusable launch vehicles, we can all enable this dynamic future for humanity. Blue is building a road - so your children can build the future. Join us in this mission, and build the future with Blue.